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– a dedicated soft light

 Why do we call it dedicated?

Similar to the other known seven dedolight soft lights, these have been conceived exclusively as optimum soft light sources
• Light output is double in comparison to a soft box in front of a studio Fresnel light, because
   the actual light sources are placed in the focal point of the reflector.
• Gentle wraparound instead of hotspot
   On an optimum soft light source the light emission on the large diffusor should be perfectly
   even all the way to the edge, or it should even be somewhat more intensive towards the
   Both variations are offered by this soft light, by changing the standard inner diffusor with a
   rim-aura diffusor (both types included).
• The standard inner diffusor provides a perfectly smooth light distribution.
• The rim-aura diffusor provides a brighter rim area on the front diffusor and thus
   is even closer to the idea of a ‘wraparound light’.

The way in which a real soft light is supposed to function:
A huge surface light source emitting light which wraps around the object, embraces it.