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LEDZILLA - On Board Light Head Mini Led

DLOBML ? DedoLight On Board Mini Led

A single, high-power LED Light Head

• Amazing output in combination with the Dedolight double aspheric optics.
• Focuses like a Dedolight. LED lights are not usually focusable.
• No other focusing LED light compares - 4° to 56°.
• Smooth light distribution in all and every focusing position.
• Wide angle flip-up diffuser for 70° angle, smoothly covering the widest zoom and widening
   the beam.
• Clean, sharp, single-edge barn door shadow OR a very gentle light and shadow transition
   with the flip-up wide angle diffuser in place
• Converts from daylight to tungsten via a dichroic flip-down filter
• Color rendition and color distribution is cleaner than comparable LED lights.
• Adjustable support arm allows it to be positioned above and forward. A single, high-power
• Dims extremely smoothly from full blast all the way down to zero without any color change.