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LED High-Performance Light Daylight, Tungsten or Bicolor

In Comparison to the Main Competitive Product:

• 30 % more light in Standard version; even more in High-Output version
• 50 % less power consumption: 24 W instead of 50 W
• Improved color rendition: CRI up to 84 instead of 74
• Distance diffuser (1) reduces glare noticeably; identical light output with this diffuser in 
  comparison to the main competitive product without diffuser
• AC Adapter (1)
• Magnetic front frame for filter holder strips
• Rainproof
• Power Input:
Felloni Standard: AC 100 - 240 VAC, V - Mount, D-Tap and Sony NP-F or optional for
  Anton/Bauer Mount (TP-LONI-ABM).  
  Felloni High output: AC 100 - 240 VAC, V - Mount, D-Tap or optional for Anton/Bauer
  Mount (TP-LONI-ABM). On High output and Bicolor NP-F mount is deactivated due to  
  higher consumption than NP-F battery can provide.
• Standard dimmer module (on board). Removable for use with 2.5 m / 8’ cable (1) as hand
• Can be upgraded with LCD or DMX module. A wireless dimming module is available.

Other Versions:
• Felloni High Output – 576 LEDs – more than double the light output in comparison to the
   main competitive product
• Felloni Bicolor Standard – 324 LEDs – continuously adjustable from daylight to tungsten with
   LCD indicator, dimmable
• Felloni Bicolor High Output – 576 LEDs – from 3200 K to 5600 K in fine steps adjustable and
• Felloni Low Profile – for low ceilings; angle of light axis: 45° (center beam)

All Versions Available with Beam Angle: 15°/ 30°/ 50°

(1) included in standard package