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DT24-3 - Power Supply 3 x 24 V / 150 W

The DT24–3 Power Supply/Control unit can simultaneously power three classic Dedolight heads equipped with 150 W lamps at a nominal voltage of 24 VAC.

Its AC power input can be set for every AC power in the world from 100–255 V in 24 steps.

Each light output can be individually and independently switched in four distinct steps, each increasing color temperature and output.

   1. Off
   2. Low 3000 K
   3. Medium 3200 K (22 V at lamp)
   4. High 3400 K (24 V at lamp)

The DT24–3 also incorporates an input voltage indicator allowing the user to determine the correct input voltage setting at a glance and to precisely control the color temperature.